Locally Sourced Materials

Locally Sourced Materials

Locally Sourced Materials

Himaraj uses suppliers who source their materials within the region they come from. Different regions are famous for creating different, which is why we source our silver and leather handicrafts from Rajasthan, hemp and pashminas from the Himalayas.

From silver to satin, wool, gemstones, hemp and much more, each has been hand-picked to ensure longevity and quality. This isn’t a new venture for our artisans, they have been doing this for generations – they know what their customers want which is why they have been in business for so long.

As we travelled through India, we made sure we saw the materials and the worker(s) that were creating the pieces. These weren’t giant warehouses full to the max with people working in horrible conditions, they were shops / homes of people who were looking to create extra incomes for themselves and their families.

Our suppliers source everything through their network of local dealers. Everything is authentic and can be tested to show that it is what it says it is. This is essential for us as we care that our customers get the satisfaction they deserve when purchasing anything from us. This ensures we stay in business and our customers return to our store.

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